Garden City Elementary School

Garden City Elementary School, 2004.

Garden City Elementary School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph
2004 43 86.

Garden City Elementary School (1948- ) was opened in the same year as Grauer Elementary and built as an identical twin to its counterpart on Blundell Road. Today they are referred to as "cookie cutter" schools.

As in the case of Grauer, the school was built to serve the families moving into Richmond during the post-war period. Many of these newcomers were involved with agricultural activities in central and eastern Richmond. Others worked in Vancouver and commuted daily.

The obvious source of the name for the school comes from the street it is located on as well as from the nearby interurban tram station. There is speculation that the name of the street evolved from the market gardens in the area.

Garden City and R.C. Palmer Schools, 1964.

Air photograph of Garden City Elementary School and R.C. Palmer
Junior Secondary School, looking west, 1964.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph 1977 1 52.