Council Remuneration

The base salaries or remuneration for Mayor and Councillors is established annually through an automatic review process. An adjustment is made annually to reflect changes in the Vancouver Consumer Price Index.

Every three years, a market survey is conducted among comparable local governments, and an adjustment is made to Council's remuneration based on the survey and a predetermined target of Richmond’s remuneration being within the 75th percentile of comparable municipalities.

The Mayor and Councillors receive a package of standard benefits which includes a retiring allowance as elected officials are not eligible for participation in the Municipal Pension Plan.

Council remuneration and expenses are published annually in June through a Report to Council in accordance with the Financial Information Act.

Report to Council

Date Report Agenda Item # Meeting Minutes
2022-Jun-27 Council Remuneration and Expenses for 2021 21 Minutes
2021-Jun-28 Council Remuneration and Expenses for 2020
21A Minutes
2020-Jul-27 Council Remuneration and Expenses for 2019
16 Minutes
2019-Jun-24 Council Remuneration and Expenses for 2018
31 Minutes