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Parks Capital Projects Highlights

Use this interactive map to explore some of the major Parks Capital Projects being worked on to advance the City’s strategies. You can interact with projects that interest you through the map or the links.

Explore the 2023 Parks Capital Projects Highlights

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Note: The actual commencement of construction for all capital projects may be adjusted to align with the status of the COVID-19 response.

Garden City Lands

Visit the Garden City Lands page for more information about the development of the Garden City Lands Legacy Landscape.

Minoru Lakes Renewal

Minoru Lakes Renewal

Originally designed in the 1970’s, the Minoru Park Lakes District was in need of renewal to better respond to expanding community needs, reduce reliance on City resources and enhance ecological benefits. Based on feedback received during public consultation for the Minoru Park Vision Plan, Minoru Lakes was retained as a key park feature similar in size and character as they were prior to renewal.

The vision that guided the renewal of the Minoru Lakes District is:

Protect and enhance the Lakes District as a place to connect with nature, be close to the water’s edge, and seek respite from the surrounding City Centre while also improving function, environmental benefits and reducing maintenance requirements.

Construction began April 2022, with the Lakes reopening on June 9, 2023.

To learn more about the Minoru Lakes Renewal Project including background information, archival images, design details and concept plans, please visit the Story Map link below:

Minoru Lakes Renewal Project Story Map

NEW Community Gardens 

The new community gardens are being planned for the West Cambie and Hamilton neighbourhoods. Share your views about new community gardens in these neighbourhoods at Let's Talk Richmond until Sunday, June 4.

The infrastructure for the gardens, including site preparation, a water connection, perimeter fencing and gate, garden shed, gravel pathway and signage were constructed by the City. Through a partnership with the City, Urban Bounty (UB) administer the community garden sites, construct the garden beds, provide soil and garden tools through their own funding efforts. UB will also oversee the ongoing management of the gardens including administering the wait list for new gardeners.

Community Garden TNRP

Community gardens are a shared green space with individual and group garden plots which are maintained by community garden members to grow food, flowers, and other plants. The gardens provide low-barrier opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities to not only cultivate plants, but also meet new friends, share knowledge, and build a sense of community. The food, flowers, and other plants grown in each plot belong to the registered gardeners, and cannot be used or sold for any commercial purposes.