Noise Bylaw Exemptions

Purpose of Noise Bylaw Exemption

The Noise Bylaw Exemption allows construction projects to proceed outside of normal working days/hours under certain circumstances. The Exemption may be granted to construction projects by the General Manager if the project satisfies the following conditions (refer to Bylaw 8856 Section 4.2.2):

  • The volume of traffic in the area of the proposed construction is such as to cause danger to the workers on the job or to cause traffic congestion;
  • The impact and inconvenience to residents in the area of the proposed construction can be minimized;
  • The construction cannot be undertaken efficiently or safely during the normal working day; or
  • Interruption of any during normal working day would cause any person undue hardship.

Current Noise Bylaw Exemptions

The following locations have been granted a Noise Bylaw Exemption:

Date Hours Location Activity
April 14 to May 31 24/7 10260 Freshwater Drive Sanitary main break
May 29 to June 30

Total duration expected to be until Mar 2024.
24/7 No. 2 Road South Section Well point dewatering and sanitary bypass work
May 3 to Sep 29 9:00pm - 5:00am Knight Street Bridge Deck rehabilitation
Jun 1 to Jul 1 24/7 Blundell and Gilbert intersection Well point dewatering system and a water treatment plant
Jun 4 7:00pm - 5:00am Bridgeport Road and Knight Street Paving
Jun 5 to 16 8:00pm - 5:00am 11660 Mitchell Road Capstan Station cable pull
Jun 10 to 11 11:30pm - 5am 6188 & 6288 No. 3 Road BC Hydro Voltage Conversion
Jun 15 to 16 8:00pm - 7:00am 13020 Delf Place Watermain replacement

For more information on exemptions to this Bylaw, contact:
Jaime Villaluz, Assistant Supervisor, Inspections
Phone: 604-276-4014

Apply for a Noise Bylaw Exemption

Three weeks' notice is required

To apply for a Noise Bylaw Exemption, complete the following application. A minimum of three weeks' notice is required for this type of application to be processed.

Noise Bylaw Exemption Application

All applicants must review Noise Regulation Bylaw 8856.