Towing Permits - Private Property

Towing a vehicle off of private property requires a City issued Towing Permit and the use of standard signage; please see:


The Application Form can be downloaded in PDF format:

Application for Towing Permit

Towing from Public Property

Any vehicle unlawfully occupying any portion of City property, public place or highway may be removed to an impound lot, at the discretion of a designated authority and at the owner’s expense. Refer to Section 13 of the Traffic Bylaw No. 5870 for more information.
The rates that a tow company can charge for towing, impounding, and storing vehicles are set in the Lien on Impounded Motor Vehicle Regulation under the BC Motor Vehicle Act. The release fee is the base tow rate. 

Currently vehicles towed by City Parking Officers or the local police are towed by:
Rusty's Auto Towing Ltd
15700 River Road