Smoking Regulations

There are smoking regulations throughout Richmond that apply to public places such as restaurants, pubs/bars, pool halls and retail establishments.

In accordance with the City's Public Health Protection Bylaw, the City of Richmond instituted more restrictive smoking prohibitions to protect the public.


Smoking is NOT permitted:

  • in public places such as restaurants, pubs/bars, pool halls and retail establishments;
  • in public parks and school grounds which includes beaches, trails, playing
    fields, golf courses, docks, piers, heritage sites, public recreation centres, arenas,
    swimming pools, City Hall plaza and other City properties open to the public;
  • within 9 metres of "customer service areas" such as sidewalks, balconies & patios, as well as equivalent clearance to doors, windows, air intakes, transit shelters & transit signs;
  • within 25 metres of playgrounds or outdoor playing facilities.

Smoking prohibitions to protect the public

Provisions regarding smoking in the workplace can be found in BC's Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, which is overseen by WorkSafe BC.


Smoking regulations can be found under "Subdivision Six" of the City's Public Health Protection Bylaw No. 6989, which is looked after by Property Use Inspectors through the Community Bylaws Department.

Provisions regarding the sale of tobacco and vapour products to minors can be found in BC's Tobacco And Vapour Products Control Act, which is enforced by Tobacco Enforcement Officers through Vancouver Coastal Health.

Education and Awareness

To download Richmond's smoking prohibitions in a printable format, please refer to the City's various sign templates:

BC Lung Foundation logoTo access tools aimed at helping BC residents quit smoking, please call 1-877-455-2233 (24/7 hotline) or visit the QuitNow website.

To find out more about the health impact of smoking including disease prevention, please call 1-800-665-LUNG (5864) or visit the BC Lung Association website.