R.M. Grauer Elementary School

R.M. Grauer Elementary school (1948- ) was built at its present location on Blundell between Railway and No. 1 Road to service the farming community in Richmond's northwest sector as well as the families of veterans who had returned from the war.

R.M. Grauer Elementary School, 2004.

R.M. Grauer Elementary School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives
Photograph 2004 43 75.
Rudy Grauer, ca. 1945.

R.M. (Rudy) Grauer
City of Richmond
Archives Photograph
1985 19 14.

The school was named after Rudolph Martin Grauer (1890-1972), who established a general store in 1914 on Sea Island at the junction of the middle and north arms of the Fraser River. The store itself was torn down in 1981 after 67 years of existence. Grauer was Richmond’s Reeve (mayor) from 1930-1949. He served on Richmond’s School Board and was an active member in the Richmond lacrosse organization.

Eburne men's lacrosse team, 1920.

Eburne men's lacrosse team - of
which Rudy Grauer was a member -
shown with trophy. City of Richmond
Archives Photograph 1977 1 262.