Accessibility & Poverty Reduction

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The City of Richmond strives to ensure that everyone who lives, works or visits Richmond is able to participate in all aspects of community life. The Accessibility section works to identify and remove barriers to participation so the City’s built environment, programs, and services are open, accessible and appropriate for everyone; regardless of income or ability.

To learn more about the Accessible services, programs and resources available in Richmond, visit:

  • Support for Individuals Living on Low Income – Information on low cost and no cost resources in Richmond, including fee subsidy programs that support participation in parks, cultural, sports and recreation programs.
  • Support for Individuals Living with a Disability – Information on the programs, services, resources and opportunities available for persons living with disabilities in Richmond, including how to apply for the Recreation Access Card program.
  • Employment Program for People with Disabilities – Information on the City’s employment program that incorporates modified recruiting and hiring practices to reduce barriers that can exist for people with disabilities applying for employment with the City of Richmond.

Accessibility in the City

Richmond Accessibility Plan (2023-2028)

The City is developing the Richmond Accessibility Plan (2023–2028). The Plan is intended to guide the City’s work to advance accessibility in the community, in collaboration with community organizations and residents. Initial consultation with persons with disabilities, their families and caregivers to support the development of the Plan began in February 2023.

Accessible City Facilities

The City of Richmond and its partners are committed to making sure our community is accessible for all those that are facing mobility issue and access related issues. In 2018, City Council adopted the Enhanced Accessibility Design Guidelines and Technical Specifications to assist City staff and the development community in incorporating accessibility features in City-owned facilities that go beyond the BC Building Code requirements for accessibility in public buildings.


Melanie Burner, Program Manager, Social Development
Community Social Development
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