Steveston Community Centre


Contact Information

4111 Moncton Street
Richmond, BC V7E 3A8
Phone: 604-238-8080
Fax: 604-718-8096

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Facility Hours

Mon-Fri: 6:00am-9:30pm
Sat & Sun: 8:00am-6:00pm

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Facility Information

The Steveston Community Centre and adjacent park are located in Steveston on the north side of Moncton Street between No. 1 Road and Railway Avenue. Facilities include the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, the Steveston Martial Arts Building, a gymnasium, several multipurpose meeting rooms, a fitness centre, games room, table tennis area, a squash court, spin (indoor cycling) room, three indoor tennis courts, two outdoor courts, a lacrosse box, two softball diamonds, playground, picnic area and a waterpark.

The Steveston Outdoor Pool and the Steveston Public Library are also located on the same site as the Steveston Community Centre.

Steveston Programs

Spring 2023

Open Gym
Seasonal Programs
Racquet Sports

Sports & Fitness

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Satellite Locations

The Steveston Community Centre offers programs on-site at the following locations:

  • Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, 4255 Moncton Street
  • Martial Arts Centre, 4251 Moncton Street

Facility Rentals

Visit the Facility Rentals page for City-wide rentals.


The Steveston Community Association, in partnership with the City of Richmond, offers a variety of events for the community to enjoy. Search the Calendar of Events to find events at this location hosted by the public, or other events throughout the City.


Visit the Volunteer page for community centre and City-wide volunteer opportunities.

Facility Staff

Acting Area Coordinator: Alex Homeniuk
Acting Community Facilities Coordinator: Isabel Wong
Acting Recreation Leader: Darren Asuncion
Acting Recreation Facility Clerk: Debbie Misslinger
Building Service Worker: Dondi Ramirez
Fitness Coordinator: Jeannie Mansell
Preschool Coordinator: Catherine Nevada
Racquet Sports Coordinator: Stephen Thom
Seniors Coordinator: Liliene Yee
Youth Development Coordinator: Michael Patrick
Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator: Madhav Chhibbar
Administrative Assistant: Debby Newton

Steveston Community Association

Steveston Community Society Executive

President: Alan Sakai
Vice President: Alan Clark
Treasurer: Jim Kojima
Secretary: Johanna Stewart

Contact/Information: 604-238-8094 or