Bridgeport School

Bridgeport School (1908-1980) was built in 1908 as a four-room school with the intent that two rooms on the second level would have secondary students in the years to come. Secondary classes (Grades 10 and 11) were added in 1910, eliminating the need for secondary students to travel to Ladner or Vancouver for high school graduation. Bridgeport School was the precursor to Richmond High School.

Bridgeport School, ca. 1911.

Bridgeport School in 1911.
City of Richmond Archives
Photograph 1986 57 2.
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The name Bridgeport came from the street on which the school was located, as well as from the name of the Interurban tram station nearby. The two bridges connecting Lulu and Sea Islands to the mainland were the motivating factor for naming the street, station, and school: Bridgeport. The school existed as an elementary school from 1908-1980 and as a high school from 1910-1927. One of Richmond’s outstanding educators, Kate McNeely served both as a teacher and principal at this school from 1913-1948. Eventually, an elementary school was named after her in 1991. The original Bridgeport building was demolished in 1984.