Hugh McRoberts Secondary

Hugh McRoberts Secondary School, 2004.

Hugh McRoberts Secondary School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph
2004 43 29.

Hugh McRoberts Junior Secondary (1961- ) was built to serve the flourishing South Arm community and to provide a continuous education for students at Whiteside, Kidd, and Woodward Elementary Schools.

In 1996, the school became a full-spectrum secondary school and housed the French immersion program.

Hugh McRoberts, ca. 1865.

Hugh McRoberts, circa 1865.
City of Richmond Archives
Photograph 1978 2 29.
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Hugh McRoberts (1815-1883) was considered to be the first European settler on Sea Island when he purchased 1,600 acres of land in 1862 on the north and south sides of the island. He named his farm Richmond View, because the view across the river reminded his daughter of Richmond, New South Wales, Australia. Sea Island itself was initially referred to as McRoberts’ Island. Hugh McRoberts came to Sea Island from Australia, but he was born in Ireland.

Richmond farm, 1862.

Richmond farm, the first house on Sea
Island, built in 1862 by Hugh McRoberts.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph
1977 3 2. Click to enlarge image.