James McKinney Elementary School

Starting as an annex to Lord Byng School, James McKinney Elementary School (1965- ) was enlarged and became a full-fledged Kindergarten to Grade 7 elementary in 1974.

James McKinney Elementary
School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives
Photograph 2004 43 110.

James McKinney Elementary School, 2004.
James McKinney, ca. 1920.

James McKinney, circa 1920.
City of Richmond Archives
Photograph 1993 5 1.

James McKinney (1855-1935) came to Lulu Island from Ontario in 1892. He purchased 200 acres of farmland near No. 2 Road and Steveston Highway, a place where, 72 years later, an elementary school would be given his name.

McKinney served on the local School Board and was heavily involved in church and community activities as well.