Alexander Kilgour Elementary School

Alexander Kilgour Elementary School (1963-2003) began as an annex to Grauer School in 1963. However, after several additions, it became a separate Kindergarten to Grade 7 school in 1974. In June of 2003, it was closed by the School Board because of declining enrolment and provincial financial restraints.

Alexander Kilgour Elementary School, ca. 1977.

Aerial photograph of Alexander Kilgour Elementary School, showing playing
fields and surrounding residential areas, circa 1977.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph 1978 26 84. Click to enlarge image.

Alexander Kilgour (1838-1908) arrived in Richmond in 1866 and, with Hugh Boyd, purchased acreage on Sea Island. After 1886, he continued to farm his land without his former partner. Kilgour was a signatory to the petition for incorporation of the Municipality of Richmond and was elected to the first Council.