Eburne Elementary School

Eburne Elementary School (1960-1982) began as a primary annex to Bridgeport but became an independent entity in 1977. The school closed in 1982, after commercial and industrial development in the region reduced the number of residences.

Eburne, ca. 1920.

Eburne Street, showing tracks of
Interurban tram, Hotel Eburne and
Clugston and Barton store, circa 1920.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph
1984 17 16. Click to enlarge image.

The school had been named after Harry Eburne, who arrived in Marpole in 1875 where he opened a store. When the Marpole Bridge opened in 1899, he moved his store to Sea Island where business thrived.

His influence both in Marpole and Sea Island was so great that the community to the south of Marpole became known as Eburne.