Howard DeBeck Elementary School

Howard DeBeck Elementary School (1966- ) began as an annex to Garden City School. In 1953, it was closed because of lack of enrolment, but it was reopened in 1988 to accommodate Kindergarten to Grade 4 students. In 1992, a new school was built enrolling all elementary grade levels.

Howard DeBeck Elementary School, 2004.

Howard DeBeck Elementary
School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives
Photograph 2004 43 47.

Howard DeBeck (1843-1924) was born in New Brunswick and travelled to Victoria in 1866. After trying his luck in the Cariboo goldfields, he and his two brothers purchased 1,200 acres of land from Hugh McRoberts in 1869. His daughter, Emma, born in 1871, was the first child to be born to pioneer farmers on Sea Island. After several years of farming, the brothers sold their acreage and bought the Brunette sawmill near New Westminster.