Director, Parks Services: Todd Gross
Fax: 604-244-1242

Front Desk

Phone: 604-244-1208 - press "0" for Reception
Fax: 604-244-1242
Email: Parks

Parks Operations and Infrastructure

Manager, Parks Operations: Egan Davis
Phone: 604-244-1210
Fax: 604-244-1242

The Parks Operations team is responsible for green infrastructure. This includes any park asset that is green and growing within a City park and streetscapes such as:

  • City owned trees – removal, pruning, planting, development related tree permits
  • Landscape plantings in city parks including shrubs beds, flower beds and displays
  • Planted medians, round-abouts and cul-de-sacs
  • Grass – passive grass fields, sports fields, grass medians
  • Artificial turf
  • Flail mowing road edges and ditches

Manager, Parks Infrastructure: Julian Espino
Phone: 604-204-8932
Fax: 604-244-1242

The Parks Infrastructure team is responsible for any grey or blue infrastructure and any man-made assets that are built or installed within a park such as:

  • Playgrounds and water play / spray parks
  • Dog parks
  • Sports courts
  • Fencing and lighting
  • Trails, piers, docks and bridges,
  • Signage
  • Irrigation, drain lines, and etc.

If you have concerns about specific City-owned properties in your area, use one of the following Parks Department Maintenance phone numbers:

  • Grass, tree related or city streetscape concerns: 604-244-1208 - press "0" for Reception
  • Parks Infrastructure concerns: 604-244-1208 - press "0" for Reception

Parks Planning, Design and Construction

Manager, Parks Planning, Design and Construction: Jason Chan
Phone: 604-233-3341
Fax: 604-244-1242

Parks Programs

Manager, Parks Programs: Alex Kurnicki
Phone: 604-276-4099
Fax: 604-244-1242

Richmond Nature Park

Phone: 604-238-6184
Fax: 604-238-6189
Email: Nature
Web: Richmond Nature Park
Mailing Address:
Richmond Nature Park
11851 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BC V6X 1B4

McDonald Beach Boat Launch

Phone: 604-244-1208 - press "0" for Reception
Location: 3500 McDonald Road
Richmond, BC V7B 0A4

Facility, Field Bookings & Rentals

Phone: 604-233-3304
Email: Rentals
Mailing Address:
Parks and Recreation Services
5599 Lynas Lane
Richmond, BC V7C 5B2

  • Richmond School District Rentals:
  • General Public Call School District Rentals: 604-668-6036
  • Field Use Permits:
    Regular Sports Contact local scheduler.
  • Other groups call: 604-233-3304 or email Rentals.

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