Steveston Secondary School

Steveston Secondary School, 1964.

An aerial view of Steveston Secondary School in 1964, looking south.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph 1977 1 54. Click to enlarge image.

Steveston Secondary School (1955- ) began as a junior secondary school in 1955 and became a junior-senior secondary in 1959. In 1965 it changed again, becoming a senior secondary educating only Grade 11 and 12 students. In 2005, it was agreed by the Minister of Education and the School Board to close the school facility at Steveston Secondary, and to amalgamate Steveston Secondary and London Secondary to create Richmond's newest and largest school. Steveston-London Secondary is scheduled to open with brand new facilities, including a science lab and library, on the current site of London Secondary in September 2007.

Steveston Secondary School, 2004.

Steveston Secondary School in 2004. City of
Richmond Archives Photograph 2004 43 105.

Steveston Secondary was named after the community of Steveston which is located in the southwest corner of Richmond. Steveston is named after the Steves family, who still reside in Richmond today. A more detailed biographical sketch of the family is included in the description of Manoah Steves Elementary.