Sidaway Elementary School

Sidaway Elementary School, ca. 1977.

An aerial view of Sidaway Elementary School, circa 1977.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph 1978 26 198.Click to enlarge image.

Much of Sidaway Elementary School’s existence (1954-2005 ) was as an annex to other larger schools, although between 1964 and 1991 it existed as an independent school. In recent years, it existed as an annex to Kingswood Elementary.

In 2003, Sidaway was one of five schools considered for closure because of district financial restraints. It was given a last-minute reprieve because of its heritage status as one of the last rural schools in Richmond. Due to low enrolment, in the fall of 2004 Sidaway was again being considered for closure. The school was finally closed by the School Board on June 30, 2005. 

The school was named after a local pioneer farmer in the region who also had a local street named after him.