R.C. Talmey Elementary School

R.C. Talmey Elementary School, 2004.

R.C. Talmey Elementary School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph
2004 43 9.

R.C. Talmey Elementary School (1991- ) was built to serve the needs of the new Oaks subdivision near No. 4 and Cambie Roads.

The school was named after Dr. Richard Talmey, a well-respected family physician in Richmond who was active in a number of community programs.

R.C. Talmey with Hon. Leslie Peterson, 1957.

Dr. Talmey on the left receiving keys
to new School Board offices from the Hon. Leslie Peterson, Minister of Education, in 1957. City of Richmond Archives
Photograph 1988 18 44.

Dr. Talmey was one of the three founders of the Richmond General Hospital Society and the first Chief of Staff when the hospital opened in 1966. He was Richmond’s coroner for more than 20 years. He had served on the School Board and was Chair in 1957.

He was also well known in horseracing circles having been an owner of the often successful thoroughbred "Patormike."