Robert Alexander McMath Secondary School

McMath Secondary School, 2004.

McMath Secondary School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives Photograph
2004 43 66

Robert Alexander McMath Secondary School (1998- ) opened its doors in 1998, on Garry Street near Steveston Village to serve the rapidly expanding population in the southwest corner of Lulu Island.

The school has increased in population since its inception and will increase even more as French immersion is introduced in the fall of 2004.

Bob McMath, 1959.

Bob McMath in 1959.
City of Richmond Archives
Accession 1994 1.

Bob McMath (1915-1996) was born in Ireland and moved to British Columbia in 1928. He served in World War II and was wounded in Italy. After the war, he moved to Richmond.

In 1951, he served as a School Trustee and from 1957 to his retirement in 1993 (excluding two years he sat out having run for mayor), he served on Richmond’s Municipal Council – more than 40 years in public service.

During his service on Council, he became associated with such projects as the Richmond Trail System, Bike the Dyke, Richmond Nature Park, The Caring Place, and the Minoru Sports Facility. He truly was the senior statesman of Richmond politics.