Henry Anderson Elementary School

Henry Anderson Elementary School (1996- ) opened in 1996 to better serve the multi-family complexes along Alberta and Garden City Roads in central Richmond. From its inception, the school has included an early French immersion component.

Henry Anderson Elementary
School in 2004.
City of Richmond Archives
Photograph 2004 43 4.

Henry Anderson Elementary School, 2004.
Henry Anderson, ca. 1970.

Henry Anderson, at the time he
was Mayor of Richmond, circa
1970. City of Richmond Archives
Accession 2003 16.

W.H. (Henry) Anderson (1911-1980) was born to parents G.H. (Harry) and Lucy Anderson. Harry and Lucy Anderson came from Yorkshire, England, in 1909 and lived at Marpole, later moving to Richmond, where they first resided on Bennett Road, then settling on property on No. 3 Road in the Brighouse District.

Henry attended Bridgeport and Cambie Schools and went into the construction business (bricklayers) with is father and brother Eric with the firm of G.H. Anderson and Sons.

He was active in Kiwanis as well as in local politics. In 1960, he became Reeve of Richmond and, in 1967, he took on the new title of Mayor which he held until 1972. It was during this time (1960-1972) that Richmond experienced unprecedented growth in population, due in part to the construction of bridges and tunnels making land more easily accessible to the burgeoning families of the post Second World War Baby Boom.