Lieutenant Lewis Ord Riddell Tucker

Birth: July 19, 1906 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Death: October 25, 1942 in Bramshott, England
Service: WWII
Service Number: Unknown

Lewis Ord Riddell Tucker was a professional soldier, joining the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada January 12, 1928 at the age of 21. He had risen to the rank of Sergeant before leaving the army. His peacetime profession was that of oil salesman, with the marine Imperial Oil Agency, Steveston.

On re-enlistment September 8, 1939 he gave his address as Steveston and his next of kin was his mother, Gertrude Mary Jarvis. Lewis was immediately given the rank of provisional Company Sergeant Major which was confirmed in January 1940 after his arrival in Aldershot, England. He was admitted to the 15th General Hospital, Bramshott, in December 1941 for one week. In February 1942 he went on an officer training course and was appointed a Lieutenant on March 5, 1942. He married Lieutenant Eleanor Maragaret James, a nursing sister at the 15th General Hospital, on April 2, 1942.

Lieutenant Lewis Ord Tucker became an instructor on October 21, 1942.

On October 24, 1942 Lieutenant Tucker was in charge of 15 men who were training on live mortars. After a short training period each man was to load and fire a high explosive bomb. After ten rounds had been fired there was an unusually loud explosion from the mortar and Lieutenant Tucker was wounded. The previous mortar had failed to go off and had to be removed but the reason for the subsequent explosion was unclear. The lieutenant was taken to the 15th General Hospital where he died of his injuries on October 25, 1942. Lewis Ord Riddell Tucker was buried at Brookwood Cemetery, Surrey, England.

History of the Road Name (Tucker Avenue):

  • Council Resolution to adopt road name: Council Minutes February 4, 1946, res. 8711, pg. 45