Private Arne William Greenland

Birth: June 10, 1906 in Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Death: July 25, 1944 in France
Service: WWII
Service Number: K54671

Arne William Greenland’s parents were born in Finland, and emigrated to Canada prior to 1906. The family moved to Richmond in 1919 where his father, Axel Greenland (formerly 'Greenlund'), was a farmer at 479 Nelson Road. Arne attended Trites School, completing grade 9, and became a fisherman, eventually purchasing his own boat. In August of 1942, his wife of one year, who was seven months pregnant, tried to start the primus stove in the cabin of the boat. The stove exploded, and Arne, who had been casting nets in the stern of the boat, rushed into the inferno to attempt to rescue his wife. He tried several times to drag his wife's burning body out of the cabin. It was not until the Dominion Fisheries Patrol boat arrived that they were able to bring Mrs. Greenland out of the boat. She was rushed to hospital, badly burned, and died a short time after the accident. Arne was severely burnt. After his recovery, he petitioned the Armed Forces to be allowed to join up despite his injuries.

He enlisted in Vancouver on August 24, 1943 in the Canadian Army and was posted to Calgary, Alberta, for training with the Calgary Highlanders Regiment. Arne embarked for overseas on February 13, 1944, arriving in England on February 25, 1944. The Calgary Highlanders disembarked in France on July 3, 1944 and Arne was transferred to the 9th Battalion of the Nova Scotia Highlanders on July 10, 1944.  He was killed in action in France on July 25, 1944.

History of the Road Name (Greenland Drive and Greenland Place):

  • Council Resolution to adopt road name: Council Meeting June 13, 1983, res. 761, pg. 1584