David Gordon Comstock

Birth: 1918 in Vancouver, BC
Death: April 29, 1945 in the North Pacific
Service: WWII
Service Number: unknown

Perre and Elizabeth Comstock moved to BC in 1910 from Iowa, USA, after their marriage. They had two children, David and Helen, who attended school in Richmond, taught by Miss McNeely, and graduated from Richmond High School.   Gordon also studied at the Technical School in Vancouver before moving to Oakland, California, to live with an aunt. At this time, he began calling himself Dave Comstock, although his friends in Richmond still knew him as Gordon. He was employed by the tool designing department of a factory. After three years in California, Gordon returned to Richmond for a two week visit, and then went back to Oakland accompanied by his mother and sister. His father, Perre, had died of a heart attack while working at the Imperial Cannery in Steveston, on February 27, 1940. Gordon had been a lacrosse player in Richmond and managed to find fellow adherents in California, who eventually formed a lacrosse league.

Although his employer managed to defer his enlistment several times, stating he was a valuable member of the work force, Gordon joined the United States Navy in 1943 where he served in the South Pacific for 19 months. He returned to Oakland to marry Mary Lucile Lacey on January 7, 1945. His sister, Helen, was married exactly one week later, also in Oakland. On Monday May 21, 1945 Gordon's mother received a telegram from the US Naval Department stating that David Gordon Comstock was missing in action in the North Pacific, and his death was confirmed by July 1945. He died on April 29, 1945 when his ship was attacked by kamikaze pilots. Gordon was working in a forward repair party on the ship and was blown overboard.  His body was never recovered.

History of the Road Name (Comstock Road):

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