John Boyd

Birth: March 4, 1914
Death: August 8, 1944
Service: WWII
Service Number: K18091

It is not known which John Boyd, Boyd Court was named after. There are 3 John Boyd's and 3 Boyd's from BC listed at CWGC. The consensus is John Earl Boyd but we can find no connection to Richmond or the Richmond Boyd families for any of them.

John Earl Boyd was born March 4, 1914, the son of Hugh Archibald and Edith Jane Boyd, of Kamloops, British Columbia. John Earl Boyd served as a Gunner with the Royal Canadian Artillery and was killed August 8, 1944.

History of the Road Name (Boyd Court):

  • Richmond Review November 25, 1959
  • Planning Dept. Staff Report dated June 12, 1986 re Road names - Progressive Construction development (MAJ 86-107)