Rain Barrel Program

Rain Barrel StationThe City of Richmond encourages residents to conserve water and be environmentally sustainable through our rain barrel program. Rain barrels are used to collect and store water for outdoor usage such as watering your garden, washing outside surfaces and washing your car. Using rainwater will reduce the amount of tap water you use, therefore, saving money on your utility bill. Other benefits include:

  • decreasing water demand during peak summer months and using it as a backup water source for outdoor usage during times of drought,
  • decreasing the strain on water treatment facilities and municipal drainage systems during storms,
  • reducing the amount of water entering the sewerage treatment facility,
  • maintaining healthy plants and lawn because rainwater is chlorine-free, and
  • preventing drainage problems around your home's foundation.

Where can I purchase a rain barrel?

Rain barrels are available at the City of Richmond Recycle Depot for $30.00. Installation instructions for the high-quality SYSTERN rain barrel are included.

The SYSTERN rain barrel features:

  • Unique shape and neutral colour suitable for any home and garden
  • 208 litre (55 gallon) capacity
  • Mosquito mesh keeps out bugs and leaves
  • BPA free
  • Made from recycled content
  • UV stabilizer is added to resist deterioration from sunlight
  • Overflow hose can be linked to another SYSTERN or can be directed away from the house

Richmond Recycling Depot

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