Report a Problem

To request a service or report a problem or to make a general enquiry, please:

  • Complete the Customer Feedback form online
  • Call 604-276-4289 (Engineering) or the 24-hour City Emergency line at 604-270-8721
  • Fax 604-276-4197
  • Or write to:

Engineering and Public Works Department
City of Richmond
6911 No. 3 Road
Richmond BC V6Y 2C1

Please provide your name, address, phone number and an alternative phone number, if possible and the address or exact location of the complaint property. Please describe your complaint or enquiry briefly and concisely, as this will help to serve you better.

Richmond Works

Download Richmond Works, a free mobile app, to report non-emergency issues such as a pothole, broken streetlight, damaged street signs or graffiti while on the go in Richmond. Your service requests are automatically sent to the City’s Public Works Service Centre and directed to appropriate City departments for resolution. You will be able to check the status of your service request until the issue is resolved. This app uses global positioning system (GPS) to identify your location while allowing you to take a photo of the issue.

The City of Richmond does its best to regularly monitor service requests and commentary made via Richmond Works. Please note that this is just one of the many tools you can use to get in touch with the City, and if you have an emergency service request for the City, such as a watermain break or exposed electrical wires, please contact our 24-hour City Emergency line at 604-270-8721. For other emergencies, please call 9-1-1.

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Download the Richmond Works App using:

Once you’ve downloaded the mobile app, you might want to watch a video showing how to use it.