Let's Recycle Correctly

Let's Recycle Correctly: Glass

Recycling makes a difference. But it’s important to do it correctly.

  • Separate glass bottles/jars from other recycling.
  • Remove lids and rinse.
  • Recycle glass in your Glass Recycling Bin/Cart.

Not sure what goes where visit richmond.ca/RecycleSearch or use the Recycling Wizard on the free Richmond Recycling app.

Common Contaminants

Let's Trim Our Waste: Blue Box - Common Contaminants
Items not accepted in Blue Box/Blue Cart: How to deal with these items...
Broken glass / ceramic glassware These items are not recyclable - please in Garbage Cart
Styrofoam (expanded polystyrene) Drop off all of these items at the Richmond Recycling Depot

5555 Lynas Lane
Open seven days per week from 9:00am to 6:15pm
(Closed statutory holidays)
Paints and solvents
Batteries and cell phones
Non-packaging plastic and metal items like hangers, toys and laundry baskets

Propane and butane tanks

  • Stomp and flatten paper and plastic items like milk containers and boxes before recycling to save space in your bins
  • Empty and rinse containers before recycling to reduce contamination
  • Do not bundle items in a plastic bag - place items individually in Blue Box/Blue Cart (not in a bag)
  • No plastic bags (including biodegradable/compostable plastics)
  • Do not stack items of different materials inside one another (e.g. plastics inside a tin can)