Watercourse Crossing

If you would like to have a City watercourse infilled, the City would like to provide you with the following information.

This information is provided for information purposes only and the provisions of the Watercourse Protection and Crossing Bylaw No. 8441, as amended or replaced from time to time, and all other laws and other relevant City bylaws shall always take precedence.

Options Available to Infill a City Watercourse

There are two ways to legally infill a City watercourse fronting your property.

  1. Local Area Services Program (LASP) - This program is a neighbourhood improvement, which includes infilling a City watercourse, paid for by the owners of the properties benefiting, with some financial assistance from the City.
  2. Watercourse Crossing - Watercourse Protection and Crossing Bylaw No. 8441 permits an owner to infill a City watercourse fronting their individual property by installing a culvert.

How to Initiate a Watercourse Crossing

The owner of a property would:

  1. Read Watercourse Protection and Crossing Bylaw No. 8441.
  2. Submit an Application for Watercourse Crossing - EPW-7 to the City along with a non-refundable application fee.
  3. If the proposed watercourse crossing is within a Riparian Management Area (RMA) contact the Environmental Sustainability Department to determine required habitat protection measures that are to be included in the application: 604-247-4661 or 604-276-4196
  4. Submit design drawings prepared, signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer in accordance with the City's approved edition of the City of Richmond Engineering Design Specifications.
  5. Pay a non-refundable inspection.
  6. Provide evidence of, a comprehensive general liability insurance for the duration of construction; name City as additional insured; contain a provision requiring that at least 30 days' notice be given to the City prior to cancellation or expiry.
  7. Provide a refundable security deposit.
  8. Hire a contractor to perform the construction and pay 100% of cost associated with the installation of the watercourse crossing.

General Information

A watercourse crossing is not a permanent component of any drainage system. If a LASP becomes effective in the area in which a property fronting a watercourse crossing is located, the City will remove the watercourse crossing as part of the LASP and the owner will be required to pay the owner's portion of the LASP fees.

Despite the watercourse crossing being on City land, the owners of the parcel fronting the watercourse crossing shall be deemed to be the watercourse crossing owner. The owner is responsible for the maintenance of the watercourse crossing as specified in Part Six of Watercourse Protection and Crossing Bylaw No. 8441.

Please be aware that you may not illegally infill watercourses, install wood cribbing in watercourses, or make any other unauthorized changes to City property.

Please contact the Engineering Division for additional information.

Local Area Services Program (LASP) contact:

Serene Pang

Engineering Department

Phone: 604-276-4394


Watercourse Crossing contact:

Engineering Department

Phone: 604-276-4000

Email: watercoursecrossing@richmond.ca

This information is also available in the brochure Watercourse Crossing - EN-B-4