Environmental Enhancement Grant

Environmental Enhancement Grant - web banner The City of Richmond is proud to offer the Environmental Enhancement Grant to non-profit groups and individuals across Metro Vancouver.

This grant aims at empowering local community groups to take positive action on the environment. Projects must be inclusive and focus on initiatives that contribute to the enhancement, restoration or conservation of Richmond’s unique island natural environment.

These types of initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Invasive species pulls
  • Native tree and shrub planting
  • Watercourse enhancement
  • Shoreline and street clean-ups
  • Wildlife education
  • Creating or enhancing bird habitat
  • Creating or enhancing pollinator and beneficial insect habitat

Note: The grant is accessible to non-profit organizations up to $2,500 and individuals up to $500. The City encourages private businesses and individuals looking at larger projects to work with non-profit organizations to identify and organize environmental activities in their neighbourhoods.

Learn more about the rules and guidelines of the grant:
Environmental Enhancement Grant Guidelines

How to Apply

Applications to the 2024 City Grants Programs are now closed.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the Environmental Enhancement Grant, email parksprograms@richmond.ca or call 604-238-6184.