City Nature Challenge

Two raccoons sitting on a wood fence

City Nature Challenge 2024

Connect with Nature and Other Citizen Scientists

Help document Richmond's plants and animals by participating in the City Nature Challenge 2024. This will be Richmond's fifth time participating in this global initiative that encourages friendly competition between cities to make the most observations of biodiversity.

By participating in the City Nature Challenge, you can connect with nature and your community while discovering Richmond’s incredible biodiversity.

Participation is easy:

  1. Download the free iNaturalist app to your mobile device.
  2. Join the Richmond community on our project page: City Nature Challenge 2024: Richmond, BC 
  3. Using the app, turn location data on while recording photos and sounds of wild plants and animals in Richmond between Fri, Apr 26 – Mon, Apr 29, 2024.

All residents who participate will have three chances to win a City of Richmond street banner:

  • Four banners will go to participants randomly drawn
  • Three banners will go to three participants with the most observations
  • Three banners will to the three participants with the most species observed

Participants may view their community progress on the Richmond Project page during the event and afterwards to see what was discovered. And have fun tracking other cities’ results through the national umbrella project hosted by the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Ways to learn more:
Visit iNatualist for video tutorials to help you get started.

Results will be announced on Mon, May 6, 2024.

Go team Richmond!