Lawn Watering

Watering restrictions

Richmond entered Stage 2 water restrictions on Aug 4, 2023 due to continued high water demand and the hot, dry weather since Stage 1 water restrictions began on May 1.

Read the following Metro Vancouver resources to learn more:

The following restrictions for residential and non-residential addresses are now in place during Stage 2 :

  • All lawn watering is prohibited.
  • Watering trees, shrubs and flowers is permitted any day from 5 to 9am if using a sprinkler, or any time by hand or using soaker hoses or drip irrigation. All hoses must have an automatic shut-off device.
  • Washing impermeable surfaces like driveways and sidewalks is prohibited.
  • Aesthetic water features, such as fountains, cannot be filled or topped up.
  • Edible plants are exempt from regulations.

Public green spaces will be watered based on an approved Water Management Plan that follows Metro Vancouver's Drinking Water Conservation Plan.

The City encourages you to conserve water by reducing outdoor water consumption. The City's Water Use Restriction Bylaw No. 7784 regulates watering and is enforced by the City of Richmond.

Managing European Chafer Beetles

Water Restriction Exemption Permits for lawns being treated for European Chafer Beetles issued in Stage 1 will remain in effect until they expire. No new permits will be issued or renewed during Stage 2.

New Lawns

Water Restriction Exemption Permits for watering new lawns issued in Stage 1 remain in effect until they expire. No new permits will be issued or renewed during Stage 2.

Rain Barrels

Lawn SprinklingRain barrels can be used to collect and store rain water for outdoor use such as watering your garden and lawn. Using rainwater reduces the amount of tap water you use, conserving water and saving money on your utility bill. Rain barrels are available at the City of Richmond Recycle Depot. Visit our rain barrel page for more information.

Did you know?

One hour of lawn watering uses as much water as 25 toilet flushes, five loads of laundry and five dishwasher loads COMBINED.

What else can you do?

Visit the City's water conservation programs and water saving tips page to learn more.