Extra Garbage Disposal Options

Garbage Tags

One garbage tag must be present on each additional garbage can or bag. Please ensure the tag is visible for the collection crew.

Cost: $2.00 per garbage tag

Garbage Disposal Vouchers

These vouchers are good for up to $25 in disposal charge value at the City of Vancouver Landfill, and are valid during their regular operating hours. Only a limited number of vouchers are available each year, and they are limited to one per household.

Cost: $5.00 per garbage disposal voucher

To encourage recycling, fees apply for disposal of mattresses and box springs. Clean wood waste is accepted at a reduced rate.

For disposal rates and a list of accepted items please see the City of Vancouver Landfill Rates.

Locations to Purchase Garbage Tags & Disposal Vouchers

City Hall Phone Number
6911 No. 3 Road 604-276-4000
Community Centres Phone Number
5151 Granville Avenue, Thompson Community Centre 604-238-8422
12800 Cambie Road, Cambie Community Centre 604-233-8399
7140 Miller Road, Sea Island Community Centre 604-718-8000
4111 Moncton Street, Steveston Community Centre 604-238-8080
9180 No. 1 Road, West Richmond Community Centre 604-238-8400
5140 Smith Drive, Hamilton Community Centre 604-718-8055
8880 Williams Road, South Arm Community Centre 604-238-8060
Libraries Phone Number
11590 Cambie Road Unit 150, Cambie Library 604-273-2223
7700 Minoru Gate, Brighouse Library 604-231-6402
4111 Moncton Street, Steveston Library 604-274-2012
11688 Steveston Highway Unit 8200, Ironwood Library 604-231-6468
Other City Facilities Phone Number
5555 Lynas Lane, Richmond Recycling Depot 604-276-4010
7551 Minoru Gate, Minoru Arena 604-238-8465
7560 Minoru Gate, Minoru Aquatic Centre 604-238-8020
14140 Triangle Road, Richmond Ice Centre 604-448-5366
14200 Triangle Road, Watermania 604-448-5353

Please call the location nearest you for operating hours.

Landfill Location & Hours

Richmond residents may dispose of oversized garbage or other garbage that is not suitable for curb side collection at the City of Vancouver Landfill, located off River Road in Delta.

To reach the landfill from Richmond, travel south on Highway 99, take Exit 26 for South Fraser Perimeter Road and stay left. Take Exit 13A to the Vancouver Landfill and turn right on 72nd Street.

Please visit the City of Vancouver Landfill website or call 604-873-7000 for information on hours of operations and rates.