Sustainability Videos

The City of Richmond is working hard to make your community a healthy and vibrant place to live, learn, work, and play.

Watch these short Sustainability in Action videos to learn about actions the City is taking to make Richmond a sustainable place to call home, for now and years to come.

Alexandra District Energy Utility's Barn Owl Box

Barn Owl boxes at Alexandra District Energy Utility

The Alexandra District Energy Utility is in the direct flight path of the native Barn Owl. Staff have integrated two barn owl nest boxes into the design of the building to provide homes and enhance the local habitat in the park.

Pollinator Pasture

Pollinator Pasture picnic at Bridgeport Industrial Park - June 4, 2016

The pollinator pasture picnic was an event to showcase the pollinator pasture and give the public the opportunity to learn more about native bees and their importance in our community.

What is District Energy?

Lulu Island Energy Company: District Energy in Richmond

A proven leader in sustainable energy, the municipally owned Lulu Island Energy Company operates Richmond’s district energy systems which provide environmental benefits, cost savings and reliability for its customers.

Climate Smart Program

Sustainability in Action - Climate Smart Program

Climate Smart helps businesses measure and profitably reduce their carbon emissions through small-group training sessions, expert one-on-one advising, customized reporting and certification. Using a business case approach and peer-to-peer learning, Climate Smart helps enterprises reduce energy, fuel and waste costs, and uncover significant opportunities for improving operational efficiencies.

Alexandra District Energy Utility (ADEU) - Phase 3

Sustainability in Action - Alexandra District Energy Utility (ADEU) - Phase 3

The award winning Alexandra District Energy Utility (ADEU) provides clean, efficient energy to residential, commercial and institutional buildings in Richmond’s West Cambie Neighbourhood.

Alexandra District Energy Utility (ADEU)'s new energy plant

Alexandra District Energy Utility (ADEU) for commercial customers in West Cambie

Learn more about the air source heat pumps generating low carbon energy at the Alexandra District Energy Utility’s new satellite energy plant. The plant provides heating and cooling to new commercial customers in the West Cambie Neighbourhood, making Richmond’s Walmart the first in North America to connect to district energy.

LED Streetlight Project

Sustainability in Action - City of Richmond LED Streetlight Project

Learn more about the City’s Street Lighting Replacement Program which highlights the installation of new LED street lights throughout the City. These new LED lights are more economical, efficient and reliable, resulting in a possible 40-50% reduction in street lighting energy use.