Banned and Prohibited Materials

There are certain materials that Metro Vancouver disposal facilities do not accept, either because there are already disposal programs set up for these items, or because they are hazardous to waste collection workers, the public and the environment.

At disposal sites, garbage loads are inspected for banned and prohibited materials. Loads that arrive at the disposal sites containing prohibited materials are assessed a $69 minimum surcharge, plus the cost of removal, clean-up or remediation. Loads containing banned materials are assessed a 50% tipping fee surcharge.

Examples of materials banned from the landfill
Asbestos Liquids and sludges
Automotive bodies and parts Mattresses
Batteries Metal household or commercial appliances
Barrels and drums in access of 205L Motor oil and antifreeze
Creosote-treated wood Paint products, solvents and flammable liquids
Clean or treated wood in exceeding 2.5 meters in length Pesticide products
Electronics and electrical products Pharmaceuticals and medications
Florescent lights Propane tanks
Food scraps Smoke alarms
Gypsum Thermostats
Hazardous waste Tires
Inert fill materials including soil, sod, gravel, concreate and asphalt in quantities exceeding 0.5 cubic meters Toxic plants
Lead acid batteries White expanded polystyrene (block Styrofoam)

For a complete list visit Metro Vancouver's Banned and Prohibited Materials. For drop-off locations visit Recycling and Disposal Options or call 604-732-9253.

Examples of banned materials that can be recycled through the City's curbside program
Beverage Containers Food scraps
Containers made of glass, metal or recycle plastic (code 1,2,4,5) or composite materials Recyclable paper
Corrugated cardboard Yard trimmings

For more information about banned materials that can be recycled visit Blue Box/Cart or Green Can/Cart

Banned/prohibited materials* that can be recycled at the Richmond Recycling Depot
Batteries Motor oil and anti-freeze including empty containers and filters
Electronics Pesticides
Florescent lights Propane tanks
Lead acid batteries Smoke alarms and thermostats
Paints, solvents and flammable liquids Tires
Metal household appliances White expanded polystyrene packaging (block Styrofoam)

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