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Richmond's Fleet Goes Green

Reducing Richmond's corporate greenhouse gas emissions through fleet vehicle management

Ice resurfacer Richmond relies on its fleet of vehicles to maintain roads, provide bylaw enforcement, manage water and sewer services, keep parks beautiful and clean and provide many other services in the community.  These vehicles are essential; however, the City recognizes that fleet operations also generate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Through Richmond’s Green Fleet Action Plan, the City has targeted the fleet to expand on this ongoing shift towards “green” operations, which includes applying strategies to purchase vehicles that have lower emissions and explore options to cut fuel consumption.

When Richmond developed the Green Fleet Action Plan as a key opportunity to reduce GHG emissions by making changes to its fleet vehicle program, a few key goals were identified:

1. Reduce GHG emissions
2. Improve fuel efficiency & reduce fuel costs
3. Continue to provide enhanced City services & maintain service excellence

Green Fleet Action Plan

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