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Energize Richmond 2023

HB - Energize Richmond - Recruiting Community Leaders

Applications to Energize Richmond are now closed. Thank you for your interest.

Want to take action on climate change in your community? The City is interested in finding Community Leaders for the new Energize Richmond program. We have received many applications and are currently evaluating potential candidates.

Energize Richmond supports people who are passionate about climate action to become community leaders and work with their peer groups to co-create pathways that lead to a healthy, zero-carbon and resilient Richmond for all.

Selected Community Leaders will be asked to attend one of three online or in-person training sessions to receive the skills to host a climate conversation. They will receive access to resources, handy tips, a goals checklist and funding to support discussions and actions. The City is looking for interested parties to convene their communities of interest a number of times over an approximately three to six month period, starting after the training session.

Participants do not need prior climate change knowledge or climate action experience to be an Energize Richmond Community Leader but are expected to demonstrate they are connected to a group with similar interests such as a church group, school, neighbourhood association, strata corporation, etc.

Community Leaders will receive the skills and training through the City to host local dialogues and create action plans to save money and energy, and encourage action against climate change. Leaders will receive a City of Richmond certificate upon completing the project goals.

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