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The plant life in the Nature Park is a mix of peat bog, mixed forest and freshwater wetland species. The brochure below lists the plants found at the Richmond Nature Park.
Nature Park Plants Brochure


The Nature Park provides habitat for more than 100 species of resident and migratory birds and at least 13 species of mammals, ranging from tiny shrews to Black-tailed Deer. Several frog species and two species of garter snakes are also found in the Park. Invertebrates are ubiquitous. Of note are the spectacularly-coloured dragonflies around the pond in spring and summer.

The brochures below feature the different types of animals that greet visitors at the park.
Birds Brochure
Butterflies Brochure
Dragonflies List


The historical ecosystem of the park is raised peat bog, but because of urban and agricultural encroachment there has been significant change in community structure and diversity. For more information, view the brochure below.
Bog Ecology Brochure

Find detailed information on the vegetation, flora and fauna of the Richmond Nature Park in the Lulu Island Bog report below or pick up a paper version in the Richmond Nature House.
Lulu Island Bog Report