Sport Fields: Open/Closed Status of ALL fields

Report Last Updated On: 2/16/2024

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Open: Fields are open for use as per contracts.
Closed: Fields are unavailable for play until the next inspection date. Use of fields when closed may result in cancellation of future bookings.
Discretion: The team that booked the field (home team) can use their discretion to make the call on whether the field is playable. The home team is responsible for notifying the visiting team if the game cannot be played. If damage is caused to the field because of use in inadequate conditions, it may result in the closure of the field and cancellation of future bookings.

The City of Richmond Parks department recommends that a representative of the team that has booked the facility inspect the field 2 hours prior to play.

  • standing water
  • soft/muddy areas
  • frost, frozen or snow

Synthetic fields should not be played on under the following conditions

  • standing water
  • heavy frost or frozen
  • ice or snow

*Please notify the Events/Rentals Office of any issues related to the playability and safety of the field.

Albert Airey Neighbourhood Park     Map
Albert Airey M1 Closed

Brighouse Neighbourhood School Park     Map
Brighouse School 1 Closed
Brighouse School M1 Closed

Brighouse Park     Map
Brighouse M1 Discretion
Brighouse M2 Discretion

Dover Neighbourhood Park     Map
Dover M1 Closed

Hamilton Community Park     Map
Hamilton 1 Discretion

Hugh Boyd Community Park     Map
Hugh Boyd AT Blue Open
Hugh Boyd AT Red Open
Hugh Boyd AT White Open
Hugh Boyd AT Yellow Open
Hugh Boyd Oval Discretion
Hugh Boyd South Discretion

Kidd Neighbourhood School Park     Map
Kidd 1 Closed

King George/Cambie Community Park     Map
King George 1 Discretion
King George Artificial Turf Field Open

London/Steveston Neighbourhood School Park     Map
London 1 Discretion

MacNeill Neighbourhood School Park     Map
MacNeill 1 Discretion
MacNeill 2 Discretion

Manoah Steves Neighbourhood School Park     Map
Steves 1 Discretion
Steves 2 Discretion

McMath Neighbourhood School Park     Map
McMath 1 Discretion

McNair Neighbourhood School Park     Map
McNair 1 Discretion

Minoru Park     Map
Minoru 1 AT - Artificial Turf Open
Minoru 2 AT - Artificial Turf Open
Minoru 3 Open
Minoru Mini Open

Richmond High Neighbourhood School Park     Map
Richmond High Artificial Turf Field Open

South Arm Community Park     Map
South Arm 1 Closed
South Arm 2 Closed
South Arm 3 Discretion
South Arm 4 Discretion
South Arm M1 Closed
Whiteside 1 Closed

Thompson/Burnett Community Park     Map
Burnett 1 Closed
Burnett 2 Closed