Railway Greenway

Street Address: Granville Avenue to Garry Street
Location: along Railway Avenue
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Recreation Area: West Richmond

Railway Greenway is an off-street, paved and accessible, 5km multi-use trail running parallel to Railway Avenue. It stretches between the Middle Arm Recreational Trail and South Dyke/Steveston Waterfront. There are multiple points of interest along the greenway including the Branscombe House and Britannia Heritage Shipyards, which offer public washrooms, drinking fountains and bike racks.

Railway Granville Bike Park

A feature along the Railway Greenway is the addition of a beginner to intermediate skill level bike park. Complete with pump track, rolling hills and low jumps, this bike park is geared toward helping young or novice riders develop their skills before heading off to try out the bigger jumps at the Garden City Bike Terrain Park.

Park users are reminded:

  • use the site responsibly and ride within their limits
  • ensure a ride-line on the pump track or obstacle is clear before proceeding
  • be courteous and encourage fellow riders to be the best they can be
  • be courteous entering and exiting the site, aware that there are other Greenway users in the area.

Community Gardens at Railway Greenway

There are four community gardens located along the Railway Greenway. To learn more about how to become a community gardener or about community garden programs in Richmond, please visit Urban Bounty.

Branscombe House

To learn more about historic Branscombe House, visit the City of Richmond Heritage Inventory

Additional Park Features

  • Bike Park - Beginner to beginner-intermediate skill level.
  • Wildflower bloom along the pathway in springtime
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