Middle Arm Recreational Trail and Waterfront Greenway

This 5.5 km dyke path trail, adjacent to the Middle Arm of the Fraser River with views across to Sea Island, the Vancouver International Airport and the North Shore Mountains, is easily accessed from the City Centre linking to the popular West Dyke Recreational Trail and directly to Sea Island from the No. 2 Road Bridge.

2021 Trails Map Middle Arm Trail and Waterfront Greenway

Points of Interest

Cambie Plaza and Pump Station

Cambie PlazaThis unique pier and plaza form the northern most entrance to the Middle Arm Waterfront Greenway linear park. Featuring a large public art piece entitled Water #10 (2010), a dynamic pier structure and green-roof pump station, this site is a focal point along the Middle Arm of the Fraser River and a major entrance to the City's urban waterfront.

John M.S. Lecky UBC Boathouse

This fully floating facility is nestled along the banks of the historic Fraser River with spectacular views of the North Shore Mountains and just minutes from the Vancouver International Airport and the heart of Richmond’s business and entertainment district.


This area is home to the Richmond Olympic Oval, a waterfront plaza and upgraded greenway. There are many amenities to enjoy in this area including a viewing platform and waterfall in the redesigned Hollybridge Pump Station, the revitalized Hollybridge Canal and the beautiful Water Sky Gardens art / park space on the east side of the Richmond Olympic Oval.

Visit the Middle Arm Waterfront Park page for more information about this site.

Oval West Waterfront

Oval West - seatingThe development of the Oval West residential complex has extended the "urbanized" waterfront greenway from Dinsmore Bridge and the Richmond Olympic Oval to the No. 2 Road Bridge. This urbanization includes new, 'built-in' waterfront seating and a paved trail.

Dover Beach

The viewing platforms offer scenes of the busy seaplane harbour, marsh habitat, large willow trees and Swishwash Island. The Skateboard Park is located across the road with parking available.

Terra Nova Rural Park and Adventure Play Environment

This 63-acre nature park in the Thompson area includes historic buildings, a community garden, a picnic area and an Adventure Play Environment.

This rural park has excellent habitat for birds and other wildlife in the area. Boardwalks, slough and viewing platforms are available for enhanced park visibility and access. Various agriculturally-oriented activities take place at the park including: a Waterwise Demonstration Garden, Community Garden and is home to user groups such as the Fruit Tree Sharing Project and the Terra Nova School Yard Project.

Terra Nova Adventure PlayThe Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment, a play experience unique to the Metro Vancouver, is the result of an extensive and highly successful community planning process reflecting the agricultural traditions of the area and complementing the City’s growing collection of innovative parks. Visit the Terra Nova Adventure Play page for more information.