Newcomers Information

Richmond is one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in Canada, with over 60 per cent of its population born outside the country, the highest proportion of any municipality nationwide. There are over 150 ethnic origins represented and 100 languages spoken in Richmond.

Richmond's newcomer communities contribute significantly to community vibrancy and enrichment, which makes it a great place to live, learn, work and play. If you are new to Richmond or planning your move, get started here.

Newcomers Video Series

This video series features stories of newcomers who have settled in Richmond and the resources provided to them to access services in the community. There are five short videos in the series that highlight the different ways newcomers can experience Richmond:

To access English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Punjabi, Farsi, Arabic and Ukrainian captions, click on the closed captioning "cc" box.

Richmond is My Home – Meet some of the diverse people who call Richmond home.

Newcomers Video Series: Richmond is my home

Settlement Services – Learn what services local settlement organizations provide to help newcomers to Richmond adjust to their new city.

Newcomers Video Series: Settlement services

Exploring Richmond – Explore the recreational places where Richmond residents find community, like Minoru Park and the Richmond Art Gallery.

Newcomers Video Series: Exploring Richmond

Richmond’s Heritage Places – Check out Richmond’s heritage, cultural and historic sites, such as Terra Nova Rural Park and London Heritage Farm.

Newcomers Video Series: Richmond’s heritage places

Getting Involved – Find out how newcomers can become active members of the Richmond community.

Newcomers Video Series: Getting involved

Newcomer's Guide to Richmond

Newcomer's Guide Cover
This guide has information to help newcomers learn more about their new community and the services available to help them settle into life in Richmond.

Newcomer's Guide to Richmond - English
Newcomer's Guide to Richmond - Simplified Chinese
Newcomer's Guide to Richmond - Traditional Chinese
Newcomer's Guide to Richmond - Ukrainian
Newcomer's Guide to Richmond - Punjabi
Newcomer's Guide to Richmond - Arabic
Newcomer's Guide to Richmond - Farsi
Newcomer's Guide to Richmond - Korean