Arts Education Programs

The Richmond Arts Centre provides high-quality, affordable arts education taught by some of the best and brightest instructors from around Metro Vancouver.

Classes include a range of popular and emerging creative disciplines in performing and visual arts including ballet, hip hop, painting, clay, piano, improv theatre, media arts and more.

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Summer Programs

Adults and 55+ yrs

Dance & Movement

Dance and creative movement courses support physical fitness and improve coordination, balance and fluidity in movement. Seasonal programs for children and adults in a range of disciplines and styles are available at a variety of levels from beginner to intermediate.

Visual Arts

Artist instructors engage the imaginations of children and adults through visual mediums that include painting, drawing, clay and more. Digital arts instruction such as illustration and animation is offered through the Media Lab. Architecture classes are offered in partnership with Petit Architect and select Pottery classes are offered in partnership with the Richmond Potters Club.


Through acting, performing and storytelling, students discover their inner voice, build confidence and develop communication skills. These programs foster creativity, the ability to improvise and collaborate with others. Improvisation Theatre classes for adults are offered in partnership with the Richmond Improv Theatre Society.


Music programs in piano, violin, e-drums and guitar focus on building a strong technical foundation and musicianship in a fun and supportive class environment. Students have the option to pursue examinations through the Royal Conservatory of Music and may also compete at music festivals and participate in performance opportunities.