Culture Days (Sep 20-Oct 13)

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Culture Days: Create, Share and Celebrate 

Culture Days is a national celebration of arts and culture. Beginning at the end of each September, Culture Days invites the public to get hands-on and behind-the-scenes to highlight the importance of arts and culture in communities. 

Registration is open for Culture Days 2024. The 15th annual Culture Days celebration will take place from September 20 to October 13, 2024. Individuals, groups and organizations can register interactive arts and cultural experiences for the public to attend as part of the network of free events, presentations, activities, workshops, and more happening during Culture Days. Register and access event planning resources at the Culture Days website.

Richmond is recognized annually as a Top 10 participating community. In 2023, Richmond ranked third among Mid-size Cities and fourth overall nationally. In BC, Richmond’s vibrant arts and culture community hosted more Culture Days events than anywhere else in the province. Last year, Culture Days reported participation from a record 4.4 million people, with more than 3,000 events in 300 communities involving 1,275 organizers, making it the most attended in the organization’s history.

The purpose of Culture Days is to provide the public barrier-free opportunities to participate in arts and cultural experiences, with the aim of inspiring continued future involvement in the cultural life of local communities.

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