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Before beginning the event application process, be sure to check with the City's Events/Rentals Office at 604-233-3304 or events@richmond.ca to ensure that the site/facility you want to use is available.

For assistance in completing the event application, please refer to the Event Guide.

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A major aspect that contributes to the City of Richmond's vision of being "the most appealing, liveable and well-managed community in Canada," is events. The City of Richmond encourages organizations to put on events in our community that are safe, successful and suitable. Please note that event organizers along with their employees, officials, volunteers, participants and invitees must comply with all laws, bylaws and regulations of all lawful authorities, as well as the Terms and Conditions. The City of Richmond reserves the right to deny events that are deemed to be unsafe, unsuitable, or that do not abide by City guidelines, policies, or standards. If you have any questions regarding site availability or the suitability of your event, please contact the Events/Rentals Office at 604-233-3304 or at events@richmond.ca.

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