Garden City Community Park

Street Address: 6620 Garden City Road
Location: Northeast corner of Granville Avenue and Garden City Road
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Recreation Area: City Centre

Garden City Community Park is a 23.76 acre park that is home to one of Richmond's most popular play environments. Its all-ages playground promotes healthy social interaction as well as cognitive and physical development, offering traditional play features alongside more natural elements.

There are numerous walking trails throughout the park, including around the perimeter of the lake and over it via a large bridge. These routes offer many scenic vantage points along with seating and picnicking opportunities.

The park also includes a number of special features, including a bike terrain park, an off-leash dog area, and an arboretum with nearly 100 tree species from around the Pacific Rim.


The arboretum in the northwest corner of the park includes species endemic to Asia/Oceania, and those native to the Americas, specifically from regions with a Pacific coastline. Interpretive signage provides background information, allowing visitors to gain an appreciation and understanding of the diverse range of tree species on display, and acknowledges contributions from individual and group sponsors.

To learn more about the diverse collection of trees in the Arboretum, please visit our online "walking tour" of the collection - The Garden City Arboretum Story Map page.

Bike Terrain Park

The bike terrain park was designed to appeal to riders of all ages and skill levels, and includes features that offer a range of graduated challenges. Key elements include: ramps/hills, jumps of various types and heights, pump tracks for beginning and advanced riders, balancing elements, code of conduct and safety signage, and a viewing area for spectators.

Dogs Off-Leash Area

The dog off-leash area off Granville Avenue is a fenced-in area offering both wide open, active spaces, and smaller spaces that are defined by berms and planting. The off-leash area includes a variety of trees, benches, and logs that provide seating for people and play opportunities for dogs.

REMINDER! Pet owners in dogs off-leash areas adhere to the following usage guidelines:

  • Dogs must be kept under control by their owners at all times.
  • Stoop and Scoop: clean up after your dog.
  • Dog owners must carry a leash at all times.
  • All dogs must be currently and visibly licensed.
  • Dog owners must maintain effective verbal control of their dogs and always be able to see their dog when off the leash.
  • Any dog exhibiting aggressive behaviour must be leashed immediately.

Public Art

Features and Amenities

Additional Park Features

  • A botanical arboretum featuring trees from around the Pacific Rim, including Oceanic/Asian regions and the Americas
  • Lake area with large bridge and culvert bridges over the 'slough' area of the lake. The lake has soft, natural edges with water plants along the east edge of the lake.
  • The Garden City Greenway links Garden City Community Park to the South Arm Community park by a 'greenway' trail that runs south along Garden City Road from Granville Avenue to Williams Road.
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