Paulik Neighbourhood Park

Street Address: 7620 Heather Street
Location: West of No. 4 Road and north of Blundell Road between Heather and Ash Street
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Recreation Area: City Centre

Paulik Neighbourhood Park is a 6 acre park in the City Centre area which features a 1.5 acre garden. A skilled group of volunteer gardeners from the Richmond Garden Club tend to this beautiful garden. While the garden is ever changing through the seasons, it is in its glory in the spring when the many rhododendrons and flowering plants are in full bloom.

More Fun!

The park also includes:

  • Mature woodlot
  • Community garden — get out your garden gloves and start planting
  • Two public art installations (see links below)
  • Children’s playground—have fun with friends and family

Public Art

Features and Amenities

Additional Park Features

  • Public art piece "House of Roots" by Jeanette Lee unveiled and installed in June 2005
  • Recently completely Community Garden is now open for gardeners!
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