Richmond Nature Park

Street Address: 11851 Westminster Hwy
Location: West of No. 5 Road on Westminster Hwy
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Recreation Area: East Richmond

The Richmond Nature Park (West) is a 106.30 acre remnant peat bog in the East Richmond area.

A network of walking trails affords opportunities to encounter plants and animals in bog, forest, and pond habitats. An elevated boardwalk offers a wheelchair accessible route, while other well-marked trails are soft-surfaced with wood chips. A free trail guide is available at the park's interpretive centre, the Nature House.

Additional features in the park include:

  • a playground with wood duck sculptures, climbing tower and slide
  • an interpretive centre that hosts programs, seasonal exhibits, and is open to the public daily
  • a pond that provides habitat for various plant and animal species
  • a wildlife garden, nature viewing area, and interpretative kiosk near the main entrance
  • free parking


The park is a very fragile environment. Dogs and other pets are not permitted, and visitors are requested to remain on the marked trails. No plants, plant parts, or animals may be removed from the park. For your own safety and the health and wellbeing of the park's wildlife, please do not attempt to feed the animals.

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Public Art

Features and Amenities

Additional Park Features

  • A pond in the Nature Park provides habitat for various animals
  • Nature House in the park holds programs and exhibits seasonally and is open to the public daily.
  • New Wildlife Garden, nature viewing area and interpretation kiosk near the main entrance of the Park
  • Plenty of free parking
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