Garden City Lands

Street Address: 5555 No.4 Road
Location: Garden City Road, Westminster Highway, Alderbridge Way and No.4 Road
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Recreation Area: City Centre

The Garden City Lands is an extraordinary open space located within the Agricultural Land Reserve, in the heart of Richmond, between Westminster Highway, Alderbridge Way, Garden City Way and No. 4 Road. The Garden City Lands is a significant public open space with diverse uses, including urban agriculture, a bog conservation area and trails.

The Garden City Lands are being developed in phases according to the Park Development Plan which represents the synthesis of the original Garden City Lands Legacy Landscape Plan, endorsed by Richmond City Council in 2014, with new science-based recommendations.

As of spring, 2019, public access is limited with cyclists, pedestrians and dog-walkers permitted along the perimeter gravel paths only; park users are not permitted within the site at this time.

Features and Amenities

Additional Park Features

  • Storm water retention pond that serves as an irrigation source
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