Railway Greenway

This 5-km greenway trail runs north/south from Britannia Shipyards to the Middle Arm Dyke Recreational Trail and is a unique and accessible cycling and walking route that connects neighbourhoods with points of interest and activities. Together with existing trails, this greenway now connects the Fraser River Middle Arm and South Dyke/Steveston waterfronts and all the neighbourhoods in between.

Note: Exercise caution at the north end of this trail by watching for both passenger and commercial vehicular traffic when crossing River Road to access the dyke and the Middle Arm Trail.

2021 Trails Map West Dyke Trail/Railway Greenway
Points of Interest
Terra Nova Rural Park and Adventure Play Environment

Terra Nova Rural Park

This 63-acre city-wide nature park in the Thompson area includes historic buildings, a community garden, a picnic area and an Adventure Play Environment.

This rural park has an excellent habitat for birds and other wildlife in the area. Boardwalks, slough and viewing platforms are available for enhanced park visibility and access. Various agriculturally-oriented activities take place at the park including a Waterwise Demonstration Garden and community garden and is home to user groups that include the Fruit Tree Sharing Project and the Terra Nova School Yard Project.

The Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment is a play experience unique to Metro Vancouver and is a result of an extensive and highly successful community planning process that reflects the agricultural traditions of the area and complements the City’s growing collection of innovative parks. Visit the Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment page for more information.

Railway Greenway

A new feature along the Railway Greenway is the addition of a beginner to intermediate skill level bike park. Complete with pump track, rolling hills and low jumps, this bike park is geared toward helping young or novice riders develop skills before trying out the bigger jumps at the Garden City Bike Terrain Park.

In 2022, the City expanded its community garden footprint to include three new community gardens along the Railway Greenway. Located at key entrance points along the Greenway, food grown in these gardens belong to the registered gardeners and cannot be used or sold for any commercial purposes. Gardeners grow food, flowers and plants, share knowledge with each other and the community and celebrate the seasons through social gatherings. Visit the Community Garden section on the About Richmond Parks page for more information.

Visit the Railway Greenway Park page for more information about this evolving site.

Branscombe House

branscombe houseThis is one of the earliest homes built in Steveston and is significant for its historical association to the development of this community, both as a residential building and through its connection to the Branscombe family’s general store located in downtown Steveston. This house reflects the pattern of commercial and related residential development that occurred early in Steveston’s history.

Aesthetically, the Branscombe House is important as a good example of the Edwardian Builder style that recalls the historic character of residential Steveston and for its location on a prominent corner lot reflecting the importance of the owners. The decorative nature of the style was not typical of the early Edwardian houses.

Visit the Online Heritage Inventory and search using keyword "Branscombe" for more information about the Branscombe House.

Imperial Landing Waterfront Park

Imperial Landing - STSThis 6.5-acre waterfront park and trails is situated on the historic cannery site BC Packers Ltd. Recently finished during the redevelopment of the BC Packers Lands, this scenic promenade features BC Packers artifacts, interpretation signage, timber boardwalks, viewing tower, piers, public art features and access to cafes, shops and more.

Britannia Shipyards National Heritage Site

This 8+-acre historic waterfront park includes turn-of-the-century cannery residences, boat works, shipyard, boardwalk, marsh view and Murikami Visitor Centre. Self-guided tours, brochures, seasonal exhibits, gift shop, washrooms and are parking available. Visit Britannia Shipyard for more information.

Britannia from the waterside